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How to Prepare
Preparation is EXTREMELY important to assure the success of your bronzing session.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
Shower and exfoliate prior to your spray tanning session using a loofa to remove dead skin cells.  Be sure to scrub known dry areas such as neck, feet and ankles.  All lotions, perfumes, deodorants, previous bronzing, makeup or other toiletries must be removed from the skin before a session.

Attire for men and women is whatever you comfortable with.  Many things can be done to minimize the tan lines.

What to bring:

- Dark colored bathing suit (or garment of your choice)
- Dark, loose fitting clothing to be worn after your tanning session
- Towel for your car
- Loose fitting shoes or flip flops.
- Umbrella during inclement weather.

Bring dark, loose fitting clothing to your appointment to wear home after your spray tan.  Tight fitting clothing can hinder tanning results.  Plan not to get wet, exercise or perspire for 8 to 12 hours.  After that time, the product can be showered off and normal activities can be resumed.  You will see some color wash off the first time you shower.  This is just surface color that was applied.

Tanning Color Development Times

With the new technology in sunless tanning, you can have a dark, non orange, natural looking tan within 8 to 12 hours of application.  Your tan will last about 5 to 7 days (up to 10 days for some people) if properly cared for.  We also sell after care products to help maintain and touch up your bronzing for an even longer lasting tan.